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How The Right Minisite Design
Can Change Your Entire Online Business

Product owners and online companies know how important it is to get a professionally designed minisite to help convert visitors into sales.  It is no secret that websites only have a few seconds to grab the attention of their visitors.  If the graphics and headlines are not compelling, your conversion rates will plummet.
If your products are not represented in the best possible way, with graphics that sell, you may be losing sales every single day.
Do you normally throw mountains of cash into your trash bin?  Well, if you don’t have your minisites designed by a professional company with the experience to increase your conversions and profits, then you might as well make a daily cash deposit into the closest trash bin.
We have all visited websites that simply don’t POP.  Websites that don’t have the WOW factor (you know, when there is no other word you can think of to describe how you feel other than “WOW”) simply don’t last.  Your company deserves better than an amateur design with simple graphics.
Since you cannot put the product you have directly in the hands of the consumer, they have to be representedwith professionally designed minisite graphics.  This is the only way to give the visitor the completeof ownership they get before making a purchase


With more and more consumers finding what they need on the internet and the online industry exploding to an estimated $300 billion in revenue by the year 2014, now is the time to make sure you have high converting minisite landing pages for your products.
If you ignore the fact that you have about 8 seconds to grab the attention of your website visitors, then you are simply throwing away profits.

Why Choose Adnique Design?

Adnique Design brings over 3 years of professional minisite design experience to the table along with the vast knowledge of popular graphic design styles at affordable prices.  There is nothing worse than finding the exact tool necessary to increase your online business, but finding out it is more expensive than you can afford.
This is why, at Adnique Design, we strive to provide the most professional service to all the Internet Marketers we create minisites for, without breaking their budget.
Many other minisite graphic design services will create a site with the general public in mind.  They don’t take the necessary time to understand the visitors you will attract, which only causes you to leave profits on the table.  We design your sites for what YOU WANT and CUSTOMIZE them to fit YOUR NEEDS.
We are highly dedicated to providing you with the graphics and the design you need to convert your targeted visitors into sales.  In fact, we offer a complete 100% satisfaction guarantee and we will not stop until you are completely happy with your new minisite.
Our graphics are optimized for the highest possible performance and they will help to enhance the look of your website, along with the products you are promoting.
You can choose to take control and guide us through the process or you can allow us to take over and use our years of professional experience to give you graphics that will create the “WOW” factor you are looking for.
It may sound like this offer is going to cost you much more than you can afford.  Rest assured, at Adnique Design, we offer competitive prices with many eCover and minisite designs for under $100.  Not only will get the professional design you need to increase conversions, but you don’t have to take out a loan to afford it.
Finally, we offer you fast turnaroundtimes without sacrificing the quality of our work.  Most projects can be completed within 2 or 3 business days, sometimes faster.  If we need more time to ensure your minisite design is perfect, we will let you know.  Our company never leaves you in the dark and will always keep you in the loop.

Our Professional Minisite Design Services

  • Basic Package/Ecover Package
  • Superior Ecover Package
  • Basic Minisite Package
  • Superior Minisite Package
  • Luxurious/Deluxe Package
  • Platinum Package
  • Squeeze Package (only)
  • Titanium Package
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High Impact Graphics

Optimized for maximum performance these stunning graphics will enhance the look and feel of your
website and/or product. You will have complete control over your designs, or if you like – just leave it up to me, it’s your project!


Affordable Low Price

You’ll Save Your Money. We are offer less than a
hundred bucks to create a professional eCovers and mini sites.


Fast Turn A Round on All Projects

I will give you a High Quality design within 2/3 days or even faster! We will let you know if we need more time to get the best design.


Extreme  Dedication

I won’t quit until you are completely 100% satisfied with your graphics.. I promise to satisfy your vision or your money back, no questions asked. Nothing less will do in my book.

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Hi, Adnique Design here and we have been constructing winning mini websites and product graphics for almost 3 years now. During this period of time I have developed extensive experience with a vast range of popular graphic design styles and developed styles that have been seen all over the internet.

Our goal is still, and always will be the same… to provide Internet Marketers with the best graphics available online delivered with the highest class service.